The Internet is a breeding ground for memes, trends and any/all goings-on. It seems like every day, a new trend grows legs and suddenly everyone is talking about it everywhere. Some just happened in 2015 (like pizza rat), while others have been around for years (like cat breading), because they’re legendary. Frankly, every single one of these memes would be a huge win as a Halloween costume, but some are better than others. There certainly were lot to choose from, but we’ve rounded up 21 of the absolute best Internet meme costumes to help you slay this Halloween.


1. THE Dress: This debate was one that divided families, ended friendships and made you question your relationship. And now, the optical illusion is a totally wearable Halloween costume. (via Brit + Co)


2. Sexy Pizza Rat ($90): Because why not? Also, you really have to admire the industriousness of this hardy little rodent. So yes, you can be Pizza Rat for Halloween in this sexy pizza rat costume if you reeeeeaaaaallly want to.


3. Netflix + Chill: This is the ULTIMATE couple’s costume that will have all your friends going YAAAAS. Netflix and chill probably wins for hilarious yet kinda sexy slang of the year, and this outfit is so easy to DIY too. (via Brit + Co)


4. Snapchat Rainbow Barf Filter: This rainbow-spewing Snapchat filter is easy to DIY with some face paint and makeup. People will definitely be snapchatting your costume to their friends. (via Getting Pretty)


5. Business Cat: Business Cat is rly, rly srs about… cat stuff. This easy DIY + whatever caption you want will pretty much be adorable no matter what. (via Imgur)


6. PSL Costume: It’s Halloween and you can DIY your own PSL costume because IT’S AMAZING. Don’t apologize for your awesomeness. (via Carly Cristman)


7. Super Bowl Katy Perry + Left Shark: What better way to show your love for Katy (or the Internet) than with her viral Super Bowl Performance? Please don’t forget Left Shark, because we all know that Left Shark is the real star. (via Brit + Co)


8. Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine Cover: If this now-iconic Kim KW cover didn’t break the Internet, your costume definitely will. Buy a sparkly dress, do you hair up in a bun and glue a champagne coupe to your derriere. (via Bangitout)


9. Starbucks Lovers + Nightmare Dressed like a Daydream: Taylor Swift lyrics (and misheard lyrics) are both extremely meme-able and wearable this Halloween. Consider a Starbucks Lovers outfit or Nightmare Dressed like a Daydream. (via BuzzFeed)


10. Taylor Swift + Bad Blood Girl Squad: While we’re on the subject of Tay Tay, round up your crew and be Taylor Swift’s #squad for Halloween. These Bad Blood outfits are seriously on point. (via Brit + Co)


11. No, It’s Becky ($12): Last Taylor Swift-inspired costume, we promise! Can’t help she’s the most followed person on Instagram and therefore beloved by the Internet. Pair this shirt with a blonde wig, skirt + maybe a stuffed cat and you can be Taylor being a viral Tumblr post that’s not about Taylor Swift but is about Taylor Swift. SO META.


12. Ariana Grande + Donut: Pair this easy costume DIY with a donut for Halloween to be the great Ariana Grande Donut Incident of 2015. Guaranteed you’re gonna get some laughs. (via Brit + Co)


13. Hashtag Costume ($15): Can we just take a moment and look at this amazing hashtag costume? This is definitely one for people who love the Internet. #trending


14. Cat Breading: Who knew that cat + bread would be pure Internet gold? Oh, the brilliant ideas the Internet comes up with. So simple yet endlessly entertaining. DIY this simple costume and prepare for people to give you serious props all night. (via Instructables)


15. The Characters of Inside Out: This amazing Pixar’s blockbuster Inside Out group costume is going to be the talk of ANY party you attend. Doesn’t hurt that this look is trending online. (via Brit + Co)


16. Rebecca Black “Friday” Costume: Rebecca and that infamous “Friday” song is an Internet meme that will never go away. This costume wins the Internet, all the awards and whatever costume contest you’re entered in. Everyone else at your Halloween party can just go home now. (via RichWatch)


17. What Does the Fox Say Costume: We apologize in advance if the song starts repeating in your head, but this fox costume is amazing. This was probably one of the most WTF songs/music vids to hit the Internet mainstream ever. Grab your pal or your partner to make this a couple’s costume. (via Halloween Costumes)


18. Nicki Minaj + Beyoncé: Nicki and Bey have spawned about a dozen memes between them this year, from “Miley What’s Good” to “Beyonce Always on Beat.” Pay homage to the diva duo with this awesome “Feeling Myself” costume with your BFF. (via Brit + Co)


19. Bey + Jay in Paris: Jay, Bey and Mona (as in Mona Lisa), of course. This costume, which was spotted at the now-defunct Hallowmeme party in 2014 (RIP), is genius, because who hasn’t seen the photos from Jay and Bey’s epic Paris getaway? (via Hallowmeme)


20. Emoji Maternity Costume: There’s a high possibility you’re going to have to teach your kid how to communicate in emoji someday. Get a head start with this clever maternity costume. Actually, you could really use any emoji face for this one. (via Brit + Co)


21. Emoji Couple’s Costume: Since we’re talking emojis here, here’s another adorable emoji couple costume that is sure to go viral. Plus, it’s super easy considering you can make this costume using what’s already in your closet. (via Brit + Co)

Do you have any awesome and totally meme-worthy costume ideas? Share with us in the comments below!