When it comes to more advanced Halloween makeup tutorials like a pretty ghost, pop art comic or a retro skeleton, I always try to take the simplest, user-friendly approach. The ever popular Snapchat filters (that are nothing short of an addiction for most people) presented a fun opportunity for me to create makeup tutorials of our favorite filters in an approachable way, so that even the makeup rookie can get into this action. The trick? Take a screenshot of yourself in the makeup filter of your choice and then use that as your makeup inspiration photo. The challenging thing to get past is that you are taking a two-dimensional effect and bringing it to life on a three-dimensional surface. Having the image of yourself in the filter gives you an easier baseline so you know the placement of the makeup on your own face. The tutorials below will break down the order in which you should apply the makeup so it will work for you!


How to Do Puppy Filter Makeup


I ordered these ears on Amazon, then painted the inside with pink acrylic paint and added brown pipe cleaners with hot glue to give structure to the ears to mock the shape of the puppy filter.


Prep: Flawless Face: Follow this tutorial to get your base makeup for this look. Add a little more blush than you normally would so it will peep through behind the snout you will be painting on.

Step 1: Outline Snout + Nose: It’s best to do this stage using a white eyeliner — this way you can wipe off and reshape if you need to without smearing it a bunch. I simply tried to copy the shape of the snout from the screenshot of the photo I took of myself in the puppy filter.

Step 2: Fill in Your Snout: This looks more complicated than it needs to be. Make sure you have three shades of brown: light, medium and deep, so you can fill in your snout with the proper dimension. Again, I eyeballed this by peeking at the screenshot of myself. Then I took the white paint and used it to create the highlight that you see on the tip of my nose through the filter.

Step 3: Finishing Touches on Your Snout: As you can see, I went over the base with an orange-brown paint, filled in the deep brown to blend with the highlight, added black to the nostrils and outline of the nose and then outlined the entire snout with a gray paint. Lastly, I dotted on those puppy freckles!  

Step 4: Outline the Tongue: This step was silly to do, but I just trusted myself to do it! I lined the shape up as best as I could comparing it to my screenshot — again, using white eyeliner in case I messed up (and I did, BTW — took me a few times to get it right).


How to Do Flower Crown Filter


I made the flower crown by hot gluing fake flowers that had a similar color, silhouette and aesthetic to the flower crown in the filter.


Step 1: Lighter Foundation: The filter gives you a really luminous effect on your skin, so apply a slightly lighter hue of foundation than you would normally apply. Hack alert! Add a lighter concealer to your foundation so you don’t have to purchase a new one.

Step 2: Highlight Hard: Use an even lighter concealer on your upper cheekbones, bridge of your nose, around the sides of your nose, on your chin and just above your jawline to brighten your glow.

Step 3: Contour Softly: Keep your bronzer on the lighter, more neutral side. You don’t want that golden glow for this look, but you do need to add the depth back into your face after all that light foundation and concealer. Keep the bronzer only on the hollows of your cheekbones.

Step 4: Barely Blush: Apply a little blush in a soft pink onto the apples of your cheeks.

Step 5: Highlight Heavy: Tap on an opalescent cream highlighter, then set it with a brightening powder. Apply to your upper cheekbones, temples, bridge of your nose and above your cupid’s bow.

Finishing Touches: Lips + Liner + Contacts: Line the lower waterline in your eyelashes with a white eyeliner to brighten your eyes and make them look bigger. Throw in a set of lavender or gray costume contacts and apply a light pink gloss to your lips using your finger.


How to Do Bee Filter Makeup


I made the little antennas using black pipe cleaners, and used hot glue to apply little yellow pieces of fabric onto them. Then I attached them to my forehead using eyelash adhesive.


Prep: Flawless Face, Smokey Eye + Heavy Liner: Follow this tutorial for your base makeup and build on top of that. For your eyes, apply a black shadow to the upper part of your creases and your lower lash line. Apply a white cream shadow underneath it and in the center corners of your eyes. Finally, apply heavy black eyeliner and a light coat of mascara.

Step 1: White Base + Yellow Eyes: Using a white cream makeup, apply a white layer of makeup all over your face, with a heavier layer of white in the T section of your face. Paint on a deep yellow circle around your eyes that doesn’t connect on the outside corners of your eyes, with a white strip above your eyebrows and another yellow mark above that. Apply a yellow and orange stripe in the center of your forehead, right above your nose.

Step 2: Orange Highlight, Pink Cheeks + Prep Lips: Go over parts of the yellow circles around your eyes and highlight with an orange cream makeup to bring a little more dimension to the round eyes. Swipe on a pink cream makeup or blush below the circles of your eyes, slightly above your cheekbones. Finally, prep your lips by applying another layer of white creme makeup around your mouth, on your chin and slightly over your lips. This is going to make your lips look much smaller than normal.

Step 3: Stripes on Cheeks: Using yellow, black and orange, apply the stripes to your cheeks using creme makeup and a fluffy makeup brush.

Step 4: Apply Lips: Focus on making a smaller lip by outlining your cupid’s bow and the center of your lower lip, then blot, leaving the sides of your lips white. This will also give you that permanent pucker to mirror the bee’s tiny mouth in the filter.

Finishing Touches: False Painted Lashes, Contacts + Freckles: Apply a set of dramatic lashes and then paint them with a yellow cream makeup. Add a line of white eyeliner to your lower lash line and slightly over the black eyeliner on your lower lash line. Add a set of full-pupil yellow costume contacts, and then place small, white, freckle-like spots onto your face.


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Hair/Makeup/Model: Misty Spinney
 Photographer: Kurt Andre