At Brit HQ, we spend hours scouring the web for the latest and greatest gadgets, recipes, style hacks, and more. We come across things like the Nintendo Controller Table, the Pebble Watch, and a dozen colorful umbrellas. But what about the other bits of delight we find that don't quite fit into our articles? Boom. Introducing, the BritList.

Lollyphile: The first thing you need to know is that these lollies are all natural. The second thing is the ridiculous array of flavors they come in! Ones we just have to try are Maple Bacon, White Russian, and Lavender. Yum!

Ikea's HDTV System: That's right. Move over Sharp and Sony, the world's standard for sleek, simple, affordable design is rolling out their very own entertainment system. Check out the intriguing YouTube teaser here.

SnoBar: Light, fluffy, and the hottest thing to hit the frozen food market since Dippin Dots, SnoBar offers up a new type of dessert that's a combo of shaved ice and ice cream. Stay tuned for a DIY attempt at Brit HQ.

Zooey Deschanel + iPhone: Our favorite gorgeous geek Zooey Deschanel is bringing her adorableness to Apple. Siri has definitely met her new bestie.

Mount Fuji Tissue Holder: Why more snowcapped mountains haven't turned into tissue holders is beyond us. Another one ripe for a little DIY action.

Bitboard: A pixelated cutting board you can totally design yourself? We're all over it. If only they shipped to the US! :(

Hardcore Spaghetti Fork: In case twirling your fork is just too much work for you, use this ridiculous (but amazing) gadget for getting all those noodles.

Dylan's Candy Bar Smelly Jelly Gel Pens: Candy and glitter in a pen? Pretty much our dream come true.

Twournal: Do you tell the Twitterverse your deepest secrets? Do you crave an analog version of your digital thoughts? The folks at Twournal are ready to make that happen. It's Twitter, in journal form.

Chocolate iPhone: Ok, we know this is kind of a cop out but our Chocolate iPhone really is one of our favorite things this week. You know you want a piece. ;)

If you've come across bits of awesomeness on the web that we've just gotta check out, leave us a link in the comments below or on Twitter.