A tool that makes whipped cream, creamy cheeses, and buttercream sounds pretty awesome. A tool that makes all of the above plus flavor-infused booze is what we like to call an instant WIN. After whipping up (pun intended) our own flavor-infused vodkas and swooning over the Porthole infuser, we’re all about adding a little spice and sweetness to our favorite spirits.

Enter, the iSi Gourmet Whip. Originally meant for creamy dessert making, it has now become the latest in booze technology.

The steps to creating your flavored liquor are easy. First, put the flavor ingredient (which should be solid) in the whip machine. Then add the liquor, and charge it with Nitrogen Oxide (N2O). Gently shake the machine for a minute or so, then wait another minute or two. Then… you’re done! As a chef, you’re going to have to taste test, so make sure the booze has enough of the infused flavor. If not, you can re-whip it, and let it sit longer.

The iSi will set you back $115 (plus $26 for pack of N2O chargers) which we think is definitely a sound investment.

We’re thinking of infusing our liquor with fall flavors such as cinnamon, gingerbread, and molasses. What’s great about this machine is that not only can you infuse your whiskey with some espresso for those Irish coffees, you can also top it off with your handmade espresso whipped cream!

What kind of flavored booze do you want to make?