When we first heard that Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, which values ethical practices + non-toxic products, was launching a beauty line, we were excited that we could add a new slew of all-natural skincare and makeup products to our kits. What we didn’t know we were in for was that the line goes above and beyond your typical online makeup shopping experience to take all the guesswork out of buying makeup. From showing what the different foundations, concealers, eyeshadows and lipsticks look like on a range of skin tones to application tips, Honest Beauty is doing something different that we are loving.


The most noticeable update on newly launched Honest Beauty website is that it features a lineup of models with a wide range of skin tones wearing each of the products alongside your typical product pics and descriptions. That means all you have to do to find the most flattering shades is to see how it looks on the model that looks most like you. This is seriously SO helpful because it’s difficult to tell how true-to-color or sheer or pigmented different types of makeup will appear on skin. Not sure about which foundation shade is right for your skin tone? Or, want to see how different each eyeshadow color looks on light/medium/dark skin? You can make the best decision after seeing how the colors will appear IRL. Beyond that, the line has made it a priority to offer a range of foundation shades to complement all skin tones — hooray for options in makeup!


This line is also helpful in figuring out just how to apply these products correctly. Even though there aren’t really any products we haven’t seen before, Honest Beauty is making sure you are fully educated on the best application techniques, which looks said products would look best for — Jessica herself models the options for the “chic,” “fresh,” and “daring” ways to wear the makeup — and on what ingredients each product contains. You can expect to find video tutorials, step-by-step directions and detailed tips — basically anything + everything one needs to know to ensure a flawless application every time.

We love how Honest Beauty is approaching makeup: They’re making it a priority to be inclusive to all skin tones and, in general, and making it super simple to know your beauty basics.

What do you think of Honest Beauty’s makeup line? What are your favorite makeup products? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

(h/t Allure; featured photo via Paul Zimmerman/Getty)