It’s almost halfway through the year, and with summer almost in full swing it’s almost impossible to concentrate on work. Sure, you could change up your chair, your music or your coffee, but maybe it’s all about changing up your view… in a completely new city. Jobbatical wants to help you with that.


Let’s say you’re a developer, customer service guru or editor. Chances are that there is someone else out there, on the other side of the world, who is doing the exact same thing as you, but with a different view outside their window — a view of London, Bali or Luxembourg. Jobbatical has figured out that, despite cultural differences, most jobs are extremely similar in different locations — and they want you to experience your position elsewhere.

Using the service is simple. Just sign up on the site and start browsing and dreaming of a life outside of your cubicle. Jobs include a marketing associate in Jakarta, an Android developer in Slovenia and a business developer in Portugal. Time periods range from just a month to a year.


It takes a special breed of person to be able to do this kind of hybrid of a work-study slash study abroad, but it could be a life-changing experience. The site is still in beta, so there are no fees associated with it just yet, but hurry and lock up your coveted positions abroad!

Where would you work if you could swap cities? Tell us in the comments!