Anyone who’s been through a breakup is well aware that they totally suck. But when said breakup involves your supermodel girlfriend leaving you for a former member of One Direction, it really sucks. So goes the story of Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid’s brief but glamorous love affair. To cope with all those mysterious Instagram pics Gigi has been posting with Zayn Malik, it looks as though Joe has decided to deal with the whole situation in classic breakup fashion: a makeover. Just like Gigi Hadid’s breakup haircut circa November.

joe jonas hair

Joe took to Instagram yesterday to show off his totally new, rainbow-colored hair. With hints of pink and green the look is a far cry from his signature dark locks but not quick as crazy as that merman hair that was trending a few months back.

While rainbow hair is definitely less common of a trend among dudes, it not unheard of. In fact, as ironic as it might be, when we think of another fella who has rocked the look, Zayn’s slime green hair comes to mind. We’re going to go ahead and guess that Joe probably didn’t show that to his hairdresser as inspiration though…

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(Photos via @joejonas and Alo Ceballos/Getty)