If your resolution is to get healthier this year, we’re all about supporting you and helping you reach your goals. From healthy recipes to finding sweet ways for you to get a little more active, we’ve got you covered. And while we know some people aren’t crazy about juicing, there’s no denying that a short (three days tops!) cleanse is a good way to detox and refresh before jumping into your healthy eating plan. These cleanses are our top picks because they have just the right mix of nutrients, protein, antioxidants and sugar to keep you going while cleaning out your body. Just remember, take it easy, relax, get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water to supplement your cleanse. And if you need to eat a snack, please do. Now let’s get juicing!

pressed juicery

1. Pressed Juicery ($159 for three days): If you’re new to cleansing, start with the recommended “cleanse 1,” which contains two almond milk drinks for protein and complex carbs. Plus you get to end the day with chocolate milk. Major score.

cooler cleanse

2. Cooler Cleanse ($58 per day): This cleanse plan is loved by celebs including Selma Hayek, Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams. So if it means we’ll get smooth skin and svelte curves like those leading ladies, we’ll gladly sign up.


3. Suja Original Fresh Start ($162 for three days): Each of these fresh juices (plus one milk) focus on cleansing from the inside out, purifying both your skin and body. This program is great for beginners or athletes who just can’t give up their morning run for a few days.

project juice

4. Project Juice Can You Kick It Program ($190 for three days): With silly names like Swizz Beets and The Master to keep your spirits up, we’re confident you’ll fly through this cleanse in no time.

living green

5. Living Greens Juice Cleanse ($285 for three days): Get these adorable glass bottles delivered right to your door for your daily dose of elixirs, teas and juices to get you through the day and eliminate toxins from your body.


6. Blueprint Renovation Cleanse (price available upon signup): This self-described “gateway” cleanse will leave you feeling amazing and wanting to dig into big piles of veggies after you’re done.

urban remedy

7. Urban Remedy Low-Glycemic Cleanse ($75 per day): Açai lemonade, cucumber juice, enzyme-filled green smoothies and ending the day with cashew milk actually sounds pretty darn tasty.

can can juice cleanse

8. Can Can Cleanse ($40 to $80 for a four pack, $60 to $115 for a six pack): This tasty plan lets you mix and match juices based on the season and your goals. And they come in adorable reusable mason jars, so we’re sold.

juice shop

9. Juice Shop Beginners Cleanse ($190 for three days): This gentle-on-your-body cleanse will help you stick to your goals without feeling fatigued or worn out. The juices are pressed daily, so you know what you’re getting is fresh and ready to sip.


10. Ritual Wellness Reset Cleanse ($216 for three days): With a plethora of greens, this juice lineup packs you full of antioxidants and fresh veggies and fruit. End each day with a filling and creamy nut milk to keep you full.

life juice

11. Life Juice ($180 for a three-day cleanse package): This psuedo-DIY cleanse has you mix and match bottles in every color of the rainbow. With flavors like Happy Belly to aid digestion and Positive Balance to restore your body, this is a plan we think we can stick with.

organic avenue

12. Organic Avenue Love Deep Cleanse ($180 for three days): Six juices and one booster shot, plus a daily changing menu, makes this nutrition-minded plan easy on the body while still giving you the detox you need.

Are you going to try any of these cleanses? Any favorites that we missed? Tell us in the comments below!