This Instagram proves that your art can be inspired by anything. Thanks to Chef Jacques LaMerde’s gorgeous plated junk food collections, we can now say junk food with the greatest admiration. He’s able to mix his high-society style food plating and culinary knowledge with… well, Bugles, Doritos and Hostess cakes.


Did we forget to mention he also has pretty endearing sense of humor about the whole thing? Well, he does — corn dogs, Spaghettios and all.


Package the whole thing together, and you’re in for a pretty delightful and inspiring Instagram experience. And we’re willing to put money on it that your Luchables never looked quite so enticing during that field trip to the zoo.


We can’t get over how perspective changes everything. We mean, is fancy food even really fancy? Or does it just look fancy? Deep thoughts…


Pop-Tarts, Snack Packs and our favorite candies from the ’90s come together in this masterpiece.

plate 12

You guys, that’s purple Go-Gurt and Powerade gel you’re looking at.

plate 1

A Kinder Egg filled with raw cake batter and garnished with charred Rice Krispies — we can’t get enough of this.

We love all of this, but we’d love it even more if you told us your favorites in the comments below.