When given the task of building a sustainable and unique mountain retreat for an international competition, Czech architectural firm Atelier 8000 designed a glass-covered Rubik’s Cube lodge situated in Slovakia’s High Tatra Mountains, turned on its axis. And it’s an incredible sight to behold.

Straight out of a sci-fi novel, the Kežmarské Hut is available for high-altitude mountaineers year-round and is able to function completely off the grid. Standing five stories tall, the building boasts two floors of guest rooms, an attic meditation room, a restaurant and a deck, plus ski storage space for all your gear.

Its surrealist exterior is covered in reflective tiles of aluminum, glass and solar panels that face southwards and eastwards to maximize the solar energy to the fullest extent. It also features a wraparound patio that provides seating and living space on two of the structure’s four sides, perfect for outdoor dining in warmer temperatures.

From afar, this futuristic building is sure to seem like a mirage for any tired trekker. Once inside, mountaineering guests and nature enthusiasts can take in the gorgeous views from the comfort of the home’s intimate nooks and crannies.

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(h/t Hype Beast)