We have written preeeeetty extensively about activity trackers here on Brit.co — there are socks that run with you, bra clip-ons that track your stress, tennis bracelets that improve your swing — but Minna Life’s kGoal monitors something a little more intimate than any pedometer or wearable we’ve ever come across.

The kGoal is here to tell you you’ve been doing your kegel exercises wrong this whole time, then train you to do them correctly. Like a very personal trainer. Inserted inside you, it tracks reps, the strength of each squeeze, average squeeze time and your pelvic progress over time, delivering real time biofeedback straight to an app on your smartphone.

Even though kGoal has been making headlines for being the “World’s First Ever FitBit for Your Vagina OMG,” this Kickstarter hopeful is setting out to do more than just get the Internet giggling. Their crowdfunding page points to more benefits for your whole body beyond just better sex. Stronger pelvic floor muscles could mean better bladder control, increased musculoskeletal stability (support for the abdominal organs) and, yes, pleasure, too. It’s a hotly debated topic, but increasing your kegels could also help out new moms when it’s time to “push!” According to our (currently prego) founder, Brit, many a medical forum and article on what to expect when you’re expecting says those with buns in their ovens should do kegels daily to help develop stronger muscles to push during labor. (On the flip side, other experts state that if those muscles are too toned, they could interfere with the baby’s progress down the birth canal.)

Some in the medical community have voiced ethical concerns over kGoal, or at least the fact that a product that could be considered a medical device will be available to consumers through a crowdfunding campaign. Kickstarter bans projects that claim to “cure, treat, or prevent an illness or condition” and says that kGoal isn’t violating its policy. The self-proclaimed “revolution in pelvic floor health” is definitely promising a boost in health benefits — but any more than that tracker that will help you run better and faster? Or that app that wants to help you lose weight?

What do you think about kGoal? Is it a worthy purchase for pregnancy prep? Share your thoughts with us below!