It’s almost Halloween, and you have two things on your mind. To start with, you’re trying to Pinterest your way to a totally DIY costume for your kiddo. And then, there are the treats. Not the bulk candy that you buy in those pillowcase-sized bags (but those are nice too) — we’re talking about Halloween desserts that you whip up in the kitchen. Short on time? These little gems are totally easy to make, and they’ll go faster and be even more fun with your kiddo helping out!

1. Frankenstein Cookies: No one says that you need to start from scratch. These aww-dorable cookies build on what you buy at the store, letting your child get creative with the Halloween decor. (via Growing Up Gabel)

2. Pumpkin Patch Pudding Cups: These couldn’t be easier. Your child will totally enjoy putting together these little pudding-y patches. These are perfect for younger kids who find even the friendliest of ghosts scary. In other words, they’re all-pumpkin and completely monster-free. (via Arts & Crackers)

3. Eyeball Donuts: Aww! And kind of eww! These aren’t exactly on a Fright Night level of gross, but they’re super-fun and slightly spooky food for your Halloween party. (via The Joys of Boys)

4. Franken-Krispies: Turn regular ol’ rice cereal treats up a notch with this totally simple recipe. The kids can help out, and everyone gets a sweet bite to eat. (via Dinner With the Rollos)

5. No-Bake Monster Bites: Maybe you’re ready for a pinch of healthy before the mega-sacks and plastic pumpkins are filled with enough chocolate and sugar to last your family through Thanksgiving. Don’t worry; you won’t have to give up the chocolate for this recipe. But you will get to give your kiddo a treat that has some healthy ingredients in it too. (via Artsy-Fartsy Mama)

6. Spiderweb Cookies: Mmmm. Chocolate dipped peanut butter crackers are… well, kind of amazing. They’re not so much spooky as they are fabulously tasty and super-fun. (via The Soccer Mom Blog)

7. Mummy Pops: If you’re looking for a Halloween treat to serve at your family’s party, these will more than do. They’re oh-so-cute, and even little kids can pitch in as you’re making them! From mixing and measuring to adding the sprinkle eyes, your pint-sized baker can help mommy with the mummies. (via Dinner With the Rollos)

8. Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcake Toppers: You don’t have the time to mess around with mixing up a big batch of batter and swapping pans into the oven, so you picked up a couple dozen cupcakes at the store. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own special touch to the ready-made baked goods: Try out these easy DIY edible toppers! (via The Soccer Mom Blog)

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