We take our laptops everywhere with us, so they usually end up becoming part of our #ootd. Sure we try to snazz up our plain Janes with decals, but when we rock ‘90s bling, oversized turtlenecks and a pair of boss winter boots, our laptops just don’t blend in. So what better way is there to carry these bad boys than to disguise them? We’ve searched far and wide for these 14 laptop sleeves that’ll be sure to turn heads… or simply go unnoticed, depending on what you’re after.


1. Manilla Folder Sleeve ($36): We’ve got a highly confidential package in our arms that must be delivered right away to the nearest coffee shop. We’d really appreciate it if all slow walkers moved to the side so we can get to our destination and start working on our lapto… er… package.


2. My Documents ($60): Channel your inner 8-bit with this one. We recommend pairing your documents with an 8-bit t-shirt along with some pixelated shades.


3. DJ Spin Board ($16): We’ve got our headphones on and we’re totally spinning the tracks on our spinboard. Anyone down for a dance-off?


4. Sweater Weather ($55): While you’re putting on your cable knit sweater, gear your laptop with one for the cold weather too. We’re in love with this deep fuchsia knit sleeve on Etsy.


5. BookBook ($80): Always carrying books? Then your laptop will blend riiight in.


6. Cartella Linen ($110): Disguise your MacBook as a Moleskine with this high quality laptop sleeve made from buckram with a hand-finished wood cradle.


7. MiteMite Urban Camoflauge ($70): Read all about it! Hot off the press… oh wait…


8. PowerPizza ($20): It’s super light and lined with protective foam. There’s even a little extra space for chargers and earbuds. And… pizza.


9. RedMaloo Felt Stone Sleeve ($105): Add a strap to this sleeve and it’ll look like a crossbody. We love how this sleeve folds out to create an awesome workspace.


10. Leather MacBook Sleeve ($48): Would an edgy clutch complete your outfit? How about your laptop as an undercover clutch?


11. Anderson Sleeve ($59): This sleeve will seamlessly fit into your #ootd by just looking like an extension of your Herschel backpack. It’s even lined with felt, so it will protect your laptop from any potential bumps.


12. Etch a Sketch for iPad ($39): You like to kick it old-school classic-kid like that.


13. Elementals Collection ($85): Notebook? Nope, laptop.


14. Striped Universal Tablet Case ($25): Hide your tablet among all your Five Star notebooks and no one will be able to find it except for you ;)

Which laptop sleeve do you love? Any that made you smile or laugh? Let us know in the comments below!