We’re in the midst of Pride Week, and that along with the MAJOR news today that gay marriage is (finally) legal in all 50 states makes it a wonderful time to celebrate equality and the LGBT folks around the world. What better way to do it than with the films that showcase inspiring voices and stories from the community? From Sean Penn’s earnest portrayal of the determined Harvey Milk to the 1994 Australian musical, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, we’re sharing movies that you should definitely cue up to kick off your Pride Parade celebrations now and through the weekend!

1. Milk: Sean Penn’s portrayal of politician Harvey Milk is gripping and inspiring. Milk was the nation’s first openly gay man elected to a notable public office. The movie follows his journey from a camera shop owner to a powerful advocate for the gay community. Stream it on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

2. Transamerica: Felicity Huffman’s performance in Transamerica is riveting. She takes on the role of a transgender woman in the midst of transition, trying to blend in. Things get complicated when her son, who she fathered 17 years ago, comes back into her life. Stream it on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

3. I Love You Phillip Morris: Watch this for a colorful performance by Jim Carrey as Steven Russell, a con-artist who eventually meets the love of his life in prison. Determined to build a beautiful life with his lover, Steven embarks on another crime spree. Stream it on Amazon Instant Video.

4. Saving Face: When 48-year-old widow Hwei-Lan Gao is pregnant out of wedlock, she is forced to move in with her grown daughter, who has just begun a love affair with a woman. This intricate family drama mixes forbidden love with cultural tensions in a mesmerizing performance by lead actresses Michelle Krusiec and Lynn Chen. Stream it on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

5. The Birdcage: Engaged couple Val and Barbara face the inevitable task of introducing their future in-laws. The problem: Val’s father, Armand (played by Robin Williams) is gay. Armand and his life partner decide to play straight, which makes for hilarious moments and a couple of surprises along the way. Stream it on Netflix, Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

6. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: A vibrant group consisting of two drag queens and a transsexual travel across the desert to perform their particular style of cabaret, riding in a caravan they have named Priscilla. Stream it on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

7. 54: The Director’s Cut: The original rendition of 54 was butchered when more than 30 minutes of polyamory and rampant drug use was removed and replaced by 40 minutes of dialogue and cheesy romance. The director’s cut has revived the original footage. These days, the film (starring Mike Myers and Ryan Phillippe) is consider a gay cult classic. Stream it on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

8. Farewell, My Queen: This film offers a sultry, fictional account of the last days of Marie Antoinette in power, as seen through the eyes of a young servant whose job is to read aloud to the queen. The film stars Diane Kruger as the Queen, Léa Seydoux as the reader and Virginie Ledoyen as the Queen’s object of infatuation. Stream it on Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

9. The Bubble: A dramatic political and cultural drama set in Tel Aviv, The Bubble is the story of two men — a Palestinian and an Israeli — who fall in love and move in together. The neighborhood they live in insulates them from the ongoing conflict, but their relationship cannot last forever. Stream it on Netflix and Google Play.

10. Paris Is Burning: Here’s a behind-the-scenes story of fashion-obsessed New Yorkers who created voguing and drag balls. Paris Is Burning is a portrait of an intimate community where high fashion and wealth are synonymous with love and acceptance. Stream it on Netflix, Google Play or Amazon Instant Video.

Are there any movies that we missed? Let us know below!