Though Kim K and Kanye have just decided to take the rest of the year off, it looks like it may be too little, too late, and a full-on divorce may now be on the horizon for one of the most famous celeb couples around. Considering there were already rumors of problems within the marriage before Kanye鈥檚 hospitalization and issues around Kanye desperately leaning on Kim when she in fact needed his support, it looks like now that he鈥檚 home (sort of), Kim is continuing to focus on her children鈥檚 well-being first and foremost.

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A Kardashian friend recently spoke to Us Weekly and revealed that Kim is very clear about her intentions: 鈥淪he wants a divorce.鈥

Having already ended her previous marriages to record producer Damon Thomas and basketball player Kris Humphries, Kim recognizes that divorce isn鈥檛 a simple sitch, especially now that there are two young children involved. But Kim is savvy and determined when it comes to doing what鈥檚 best for her little ones.

鈥淚t will take some time before she can do anything,鈥 the friend continued, apparently alleging that Kim is making sure she鈥檒l be given full custody of both three-year-old North and one-year-old Saint. Despite any difficulties she may face, after two and a half years with Kanye and some of the most trying (and terrifying) incidents of her life, one thing is for sure, 鈥渟he doesn鈥檛 want to stay married.鈥

At the moment, the two are in fact not living together. While Kim is staying at their 9,000-square-foot home in LA鈥檚 Bel Air, she鈥檚 being very protective of her children and keeping them a safe distance from the erratic Kanye, who is staying at a nearby rental home while receiving out-patient treatment.

It鈥檚 sad to see a family struggle and split, but let鈥檚 hope that they can get through this so everyone ends up happy and healthy in the end.

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