Kim Kardashian has been hiding out in her New York apartment since the super scary robbery she endured in Paris. Only Kanye, their children and a few select friends have been to visit the celeb, letting fans know that she’s “not doing so good.” But now, Kim has finally emerged to announce that she’s not only taking time off, but also seeking counseling.

Kim Kardashian

With fans spotting the family’s body guard packing up their Escalade with luggage early this morning (and A LOT of security on hand), it looks like the family may be on the way to California to join Kim’s siblings. With Kourtney breaking the sisters’ silence just today, it would make sense for Kim to seek out her family for safety and comfort.

Now, Kim has been spotted carrying North cuddled against her and Kanye close behind with baby Saint, leaving through the back door of their TriBeCa apartment building.

As the family travels to safer ground, Kim will be taking time off to deal with the aftermath of the ordeal, including seeking counseling to not only put the attack behind her, but to also process the negative accusations that the entire sitch was a hoax. A source told Perez Hilton, “It’s crazy to her that people, even for a second, think she is fabricating this story. She feels like no one understands her and what she’s been through. Kim is surrounded by her friends and family now. She is really upset and is going to speak to a therapist in deeper lengths about this.”

With no clear timeline on her healing process, Kim feels that she’ll probably be taking at least a month off for the time being.

Fans, though, are happy to see Kim, or at least a glimpse of her.

Do what you need to do, Kim. Take care of yourself and your family!

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(h/t E!, Perez Hilton; photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)