When the Kardashian clan first burst onto the scene 10 years ago, its members all sported a similar look, with Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kris, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner all rocking near jet-black locks. Over the years, they’ve gone down their separate hair paths, but at least three of the family members are matching once more thanks to Kardashian West’s latest KKW Beauty ad campaign.

For her latest product launch of concealers, baking powder, and brightening powders ($18), all of which dropped on the site today, the mother of three enlisted mom Kris and grandma MJ to help her showcase her wares with a very *specific* look that had us seeing triple.

The beauty mogul revealed pics from the ads on both her personal and company Instagram pages rocking her former platinum locks next to her family members, both of whom donned blonde wigs.

“I’m so grateful for my mom and grandma doing this shoot with me,” she wrote on one of the jaw-dropping pics.

As the reality star shared with Allure, the campaign was created to shake up perceptions surrounding her kin. “I wanted something different and for them to be seen in way that they haven’t really been seen before,” adding, “My grandma’s never worn a blonde wig before. I thought she looked so good. We had the best time on set and it was such a memory for us. “

It also served to showcase diversity through age. “I wanted to show that it’s not always about these young, perfect models that are going to look good no matter what,” she explained. “We really had to work to make sure the concealer worked on different skin types and ages as well, so it was important to show that in the campaign.”

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 (Photos via Neilson Barnard/Getty)