The idea of cuddling with custom dolls of your parents sounds creepy. There鈥檚 no denying that fact. But these Kimye dolls may be the exception. And for the cutie that is North West, we鈥檒l let it slide.

Celine Choi of聽Celine鈥檚 Dolls in Brooklyn, New York designed this one-of-a-kind pair for the fashionable couple called Mini Kim and Mini Kanye.聽鈥淢ini Kanye is wearing a faux mink vest and slightly shiny distressed faux leather pants.聽Details on Mini Kim: red lips, leopard top and a personalized bling (crystals),鈥 says the designer. While the red pout and animal print are pretty accurate, Mini Kim鈥檚 anatomy (or lack there of) is throwing us off a little.

Let鈥檚 discuss how we feel about this.聽If you were one Y.O., would you want to play with dolls of you and your family? Um absolutely, and what if there weren鈥檛 a million Barbies lining the shelves that looked exactly like your fam? We think this idea is super cute 鈥 especially with a tutu-wearing North doll in the picture. Now little Nori can play pretend dolls with the whole family, and that鈥檚 something we can get behind, especially thanks to a maker. Sounds like a pretty good holiday gift for your little one to us!

What do you think about the Kimye + North dolls: Cute or Creepy?

(h/t聽InStyle, photos via Khloe K + Celine鈥檚 Dolls)