Recently Kylie Jenner has been switching up her hair on what feels like a weekly basis. The 18-year-old debuted an icy blue color last month, bangs shortly after that and even teased her Snapchat followers with a caramel looking color. But it looks like the youngest Kardashian had us all fooled because apparently those were all wigs!

Kylie took to Instagram last night to show off a new shade of (permanent) ashy blonde locks. She captioned the pick, “Took months of not dying my hair and wearing wigs to get my hair back to health so I can do this!! Thank you @priscillavalles @maishaoliver for putting up with me all day. I’m going for an ashy dirty blonde for the fall. But this shits a process! I’m coming for u khloé!”

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.47.21 AM

The new color, which does look super similar to Khloe’s current shade is a dramatic change from the ultra dark locks we’ve grown to associate with the Kardashians. Nevertheless, we can’t say we’re surprised considering Khloe tends to switch her look up in some form or another on a weekly basis.

If you’re into the color Kylie is rocking, we chatted with beauty expert and stylist at SF’s Archer Salon, CK Karkhanis to see how you can ask for the look. She tells us, “Pictures say a thousand words. Bringing in pictures as a wishlist helps the colorist begin the conversation of what to expect during this color correction journey. Almost anything can be achieved in a healthy way with time, patience, trims and Olaplex” (Olaplex is a hair treatment that can drastically help repair hair that’s been exposed to a damaging color process – AKA bleach!).

And as far as waiting for your hair’s health the recover before you make this big of a transition, CK says, “I’ve done drastic changes with the most success when clients understand that it’ll be a process and they’re committed – in it to win it. They may not need to wear wigs in between, but they will have to be comfortable sporting a shade that is “work in progress.” Olaplex treatments paired with trims help keep the hair in the best condition so the wishlist color will have maximum impact at the end. After that, it takes the client’s commitment to maintain the color by scheduling follow-up visits plus treatments.”

What do you think of Kylie’s new blonde ‘do? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photo via @kyliejenner and Frazer Harrison/Getty)