We all saw Blood Diamond, right? This ubiquitous gem might be a girl’s best friend, but the industry’s past and present makes us a little… well, queasy. Enter the lab-grown diamond. It’s not a cubic zirconia, people. It’s an honest-to-goodness legit diamond that just happens to be sustainably grown in a lab. So there’s no need for anyone to cut down trees, mine the earth or get their hands dirty in any sense of the word. Not only are these a lot better for the environment, but they are also 30% more affordable than diamonds from the ground.


Pure Grown Diamonds makes their gem-quality stones in a Singapore lab, using a small piece of carbon that’s placed in a low-pressure microwave chamber. As hydrogen and methane gases are added, the diamond starts to form. The resulting diamonds are essentially indistinguishable from the natural ones, and they each come with the same certification of color and clarity that regular diamonds do.


Crazy, huh?

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