Last week was all about beautiful wooden objects, and the rustic charm they can bring to any home, workspace, or dining table. Today, we’re turning our attention to another sort of ethereal, old-world material. Lace!

And we’ve got news for you. Lace isn’t just for wedding dresses and lingerie – it’s actually an awesome, stylish material that can be used to upgrade your garden, jazz up your boots, or add a little flirty femininity to a pair of denim cutoffs. Here are 30 lovely projects to get you inspired to DIY with lace.

1. Anthropologie-Inspired Lace Dress: How gorgeous is this dress? We seriously can’t believe it’s a DIY hack, and we definitely have to try it. (via Our Life is Beautiful)

2. Lace Infinity Scarf: This is great way to dress up a scarf you already have, using found pieces of lace or doilies from the flea market. (via Urban Threads)

3. DIY Lace Tape: Similar to our DIY Ribbon Tape, this tutorial shows you how to create your own decorative lace tape! (Free Pretty Things For You)

4. Lace Princess Crowns: Sorry, we had to include something princess-y, especially because these crowns could not be cuter. Our inner 5 year old at a birthday party is seriously swooning. (via Girl. Inspired.)

5. Black Lace Votives: We’re digging the gothic vibe of these votives. (via Family Chic)

6. Lace Denim Jacket: The ’80s called – they want their jacket back. But for real, we love the Gem and the Holograms gone modern look of this jacket. (via Fashion Salade)

7. Ombre Lace Jewelry: These dipped pieces of lace scream summer staple accessory. (via Glamour and Grace Blog)

8. Pretty Lace Flower Pots: Add a bit of romance to those potted succulents by wrapping them up in lace trim, lace scraps, and doilies. (via A Beautiful Mess)

9. Lace Tiles: Lace also makes a great stencil, as illustrated in these beautiful painted tiles. (via Martha Stewart)

10. Boho Boots: Who says cowgirls can’t hang on Haight Street? (via She Knows)

11. Lace Doily Dreamcatchers: These lovely dreamcatchers are simple to make and will bring you good slumber. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Add Lace to Pillows: Take plain old pillows and add a little lace to them! (via Etsy)

13. Lace Painted Toms: Another tutorial that uses lace as a stencil, these painted toms are totally to DIY for. (via Lil Blue Boo)

14. Lace Patterned Notebook: This looks like the perfect kit for getting your doodle on. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. Crocheted Bull: Obviously something you need in your home, this crocheted bull is the real deal. (via Makezine)

16. Lace Panel Purse: What a cute way to update a basic bag! (via Studs & Pearls)

17. Crocheted Stones: We’re not really sure what you would use these stones for besides decoration, but you can achieve a similar look by wrapping lace scraps around found rocks. (via Free People)

18. Lace Washer Bracelets: Washers and key rings meet lace and make friends in this easy-as-pie tutorial. (via Brit + Co.)

19. Lace Denim Shorts: Making. These. Now! (via Minkette)

20. Black Lace Accessories: Head to the fabric store and start thumbing through all the different lace trim they have – some of it is so beautiful just on it’s own. (via Plan B)

21. Faux Lace Aviator Sunglasses: Guess what was used to create these lacy designs? Lace-inspired nail stickers! (via Studs & Pearls)

22. Lace Doily Table Runner: Featured in our roundup of doily projects, we couldn’t resist including this beauty again. (via Ashley Ann Photography)

23. Lace-Edged Scarf: We love any hack on a basic scarf – this one shows how to turn a regular jersey knit scarf into a whole different piece with a bit of lace trim. (via A Beautiful Mess)

24. Lace as a Fabric Paint Stencil: Use lace as a stencil for pillows, canvas wall art, and even mugs! (via Martha Stewart)

25. Lace Doily Bowls: How cool are these? (via Free People)

26. Purple Lace Clutch: This would also make a great laptop or tablet case. (via Runway DIY)

27. Anthropologie-Inspired Gilded Lace Bow: We think this gilded bow would also be a great way to jazz up a pair of flats. (via Small Good Things)

28. Lace-Backed Hoodie: Make your favorite hoodie a little more stylish by adding a peekaboo lace back. (via Brit + Co.)

29. Lace Stencil: Once you turn those jeans into cutoffs, you’re going to find yourself with a whole pile of denim. We turned ours into cocktail napkins with bleach-dyed designs. (via Brit + Co.)

30. Layered Lace Shorts: And last, the sweetest scalloped shorts we’ve ever seen. (via Sincerely Kinsey)

Have you made anything using lace? Share your projects with us via Twitter or Facebook!