We’ve covered a lot of breathalyzergadgets to keep you in check at happy hour, and as pumped as we’ve been about all of the technology, everything we’ve covered so far has had to plug into your phone for power. But not anymore. The BAM from Lapka is so futuristic, it barely needs power.


The BAM (Breath Alcohol Monitor) doesn’t have wires or batteries. You just hold it up to your mouth and blow, and it automatically calibrates your blood alcohol level with your phone. And you only have to charge it once every few months. Seriously.


You can feel free to share the BAM with friends and just use your hand as a mouthpiece to prevent germ spreading, making all of your friends healthier and safer on many levels.


The device is discrete, comes on a rope chain and makes you look like you’re just accessorizing like a badass.


The app is full of real talk; it’s not going to sugarcoat where you are with things. It even gives you an approximated number of hours that you’ll need for your body to burn off however much alcohol is currently inside of you.


So how does this modern marvel work? It runs on an electrochemical platinum fuel cell sensor to give you tip-top precision with each reading. The app just starts up when you breathe into the device.


Got an Apple Watch? Soon you’ll be able to get your readings there too. On the watch or on your phone, you can track your alcohol levels throughout the night, and, if you feel like reliving things the next day, look back at the stats and see how your evening played out.


Staying safe has never been such cinch. The Lapka isn’t available quite yet, but when it is, it’ll be $99. Stay up-to-date on the latest news on Lapka’s Twitter.

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