It鈥檚 no secret how much we love new tech here at Brit HQ. Heck, y鈥檃ll have heard about Re:Make, right?! We鈥檙e constantly demoing new apps and searching the web for the scoop on new releases. It鈥檚 pretty obvi, then, that we聽loveKickstarter. It鈥檚 been the the birthplace of some of very interesting聽projects聽鈥 and聽the DrinkMate is the latest. It鈥檚 a breathalyzer that plugs into your phone, so you can monitor your intake and its effects throughout the night. Yes, we know, we鈥檝e seen these types of breathalyzers before, from the Alcohoot to the BACtrack. There鈥檚 even a wearable for that. But DrinkMate is different.

It鈥檚 been trending for a while now, but bringing a breathalyzer to the party still earns you major points. They鈥檙e fun and they help you drink and travel more safely, so what鈥檚 not to be into? DrinkMate is inspired by earlier tech, but launches a whole new (mini) design. The Kickstarter campaign creators boast that it鈥檚 the tiniest (and lightest) breathlyzer in the world. But don鈥檛 let its size fool you, this baby packs power. By relying on a next-to-nil amount of your phone鈥檚 battery, DrinkMate is as small and light as a AA battery.

DrinkMate uses an advanced stability semiconductor-based sensor for its readings. The innovative air inlet can slow your breath down, enabling a greater range of breath speeds, while still guaranteeing results that are precise and repeatable. And we mean precise 鈥 to an accuracy of +/- .01% BAC, as verified by Lifeloc Technologies, the industry leader in breathalyzer tech and calibration. It does have a max BAC of .20%, but at that point you鈥檙e probs too drunk to use it properly anyway.

Plug DrinkMate into your Android鈥檚 micro-USB port, and it takes only a fraction of a second to display your BAC on the accompanying app.

Fund the Kickstarter now, and get your DrinkMate for only $25. Comparable tech is in the $100+ range, just to give you some perspective. Unfortunately for iPhone aficionados, the app is currently only available for Androids, but an iOS version will be in the works if the current Android campaign is successful.

The funding just started a few days ago and runs through September 24, with devices shipping in early December. Yep, that means right in time for the holidays.

Are you ready to back this baby or do you think the BYObreathalyzer trend is already pass茅? Let us know in the comments below!聽