When you’re on a quest for smooth, hair-free skin, no product seems too crazy. Razors? We’ll take ’em. Waxing? Ouch, but okay! Some brave ladies are even microwaving their underarms — seriously. But this new company is taking hair-removal tech to the next level. There is a new razor out there that will not only *shave* you time and money, but is bladeless too! Cue the gasps.


Skarp Razor is the answer to all of our hairy situations. Morgan Gustavsson and his partner, Paul Binun, claim to have created a razor that is completely nick free. What is the secret? Instead of blades, this one-of-a-kind razor is all about the laser. The two Swedish inventors have discovered a way to diminish those ugly razor burns and nicks and laser off lighter-colored hair follicles! This “chromophore” (which is part of a hair molecule) can be easily cut when hit with a certain wavelength of light. This basically means everyone with dark to light hair can use this razor.


The Kickstarter campaign still has over a week left, and the fundraiser has exceeded its goal by, oh, A LOT. With an original goal of $160,000, over 18,000 people have pledged around three million dollars already. For a pledge of $189, you can get your hands on this magical razor as early as March 2016. Say so long to your shaving cream, ‘cuz this razor is totally changing the game.

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(h/t Nylon)