CHEERS TO YOU! YOU MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER WEEK! As the weeks get colder, it seems like they also get longer. So now鈥檚 your time to celebrate. There are always lots of different ways to spend your two days off. For the tech-ier among you, we鈥檝e got (as always) your list of the five best apps you should DL to your phone right now. Spend your weekend learning a new language, trying on some virtual makeup or directing an art film. You鈥檝e got until Monday to play with these new apps.

1.聽Duolingo: Duolingo just released a new update that will make learning a language easier than ever before. Yes, learning vocab and grammar is important, but most of us want to know how to actually speak a language. The app鈥檚 new AI bots simulate conversation so it鈥檚 almost like you鈥檙e talking to a real person.


DL It: Free on iOS

2. Looks: Imagine if there were Snapchat filters to try out makeup, and you kind of have聽an idea as to how this new app works. Focus on your face, select which products you鈥檇 like to 鈥渢ry out鈥 and see how they look in real time.


DL It: Free on iOS and Android

3. Charmer: See what your friends really think of you in just three words. This new app lets you select three words to describe all your friends. As each friend selects words about you, your 鈥渨ord map鈥 profile will grow. It鈥檚 almost like a personality quiz, but curated for you by your pals.


DL It: Free on iOS

4. Dramatic Ellipsis: We love hyper-dramatic texts. This new iMessage add-on will bring all of your mundane texts to comic book action in a second. Now you can slide into an inbox with a KA-POW!


DL It: Free on iOS

5. Prisma: You鈥檝e definitely seen some Prisma 鈥渁rtsy鈥 profile pictures popping up on Facebook recently, right? Well, the app just issued a new update that will let you add the cool effects to any video you shoot. So now you can turn your home movies into a work of art.


DL It: Free on iOS

Which was your favorite app this week? Let us know @BritandCo!