Whether you’re looking for a gift for that special creative someone or you’re trying to get constructive with the inevitable downtime that comes with the holidays, we’ve got you covered with this killer selection of classes and kits. These give you all the info and materials you need to learn something new for funsies, or pick up a skill you’ve always wished you had — all you have to decide is what you want to learn. Let the making commence on today, a day to celebrate shopping local — Makers Monday!


1. Acrylic Painting: Whether you’ve always yearned to be a painter or you want to brush up on your skills, this acrylic painting class ($19) is the perfect challenge for you. Plus, with the kit ($49), you’ve got everything you need — no need for any big, upfront investment. Just dip your toe in the water of painting and go from there.

body butter kit

2. Body Butter: If you love body butter but can’t seem to find just the right scent for yourself, this body butter kit ($40) has everything you need to learn the essentials. Plus, every time you let someone use it and they love it, you get to say, “Oh that? I made it!”

beer brewiing

3. Beer Brewing: This beer brewing class ($19) and beer brewing kit ($50) are perfect for beer aficionados who are ready to take the next step into making their own version of their fave drink. The resulting homemade beer makes for great hostess gifts too, by the way, or delicious beverages for house guests.

concrete design

4. Concrete Design: This concrete design class ($19) and kit ($83) has all the necessary ingredients for making your very own concrete lamp! This little guy looks amazing in kitchens, bedrooms and even offices. Let your homemade light shine, girl.

elebhant bust

5. Cardboard Elephant: Since the real deal is either unattainable or undesirable (or both!), this cardboard kit ($15) is definitely the way to go. It’s quirky, adorable and a great conversation starter whenever you have someone over, because, hey, you made it!

embroidery class

6. Embroidery: Do you want to surprise your grandma with something she’ll absolutely treasure and adore this Christmas? Or maybe you’re looking to simply master a beautiful skill and jazz up the dish cloths and towels around your place? Regardless, this class ($19) will teach you everything you need to know to get that needle and thread pumping, and the kit ($29) will have you up and running with all the essentials.

growth kit

7. Growth Chart: From little kids to pups and kittens, there are tons of wonderful things in this world that grow and transform before our very eyes. Appreciate the process and keep the memories forever with this growth chart kit ($14). The best part is that it can be used time and time again.

henna kit

8. Henna Design: Pick up this henna kit ($12) and you’ll be doling out gorgeous designs to all of your fabulous friends… and yourself too.

herb kit

9. Herb Garden: Fresh herbs ahoy! Dried out, store-bought seasonings will be a thing of the past after you blast through this kit ($34). It’s perfect for anyone looking to start their own little green space.

jam making

10. Jam Making: No more basic strawberry and grape jam for you, lady. This class ($19) will provide all the knowledge necessary to start crafting your own fruity confections. You’ll be sailing into the land of rhubarb and mango in no time flat.


11. Indigo Dye: Let your hippie vibes shine freely, you flower child, you. This indigo dye kit ($12) packs the punch with everything you need to craft your own indigo perfections. Scarves, socks, tees and more — the sky is the limit.


12. Knitting: If you’ve got an idea in your head for the perfect knitted winter item (think: scarf, hat or mittens) and just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in stores, this class ($19) will teach you how to make your own. Snag the kit ($70) too and you’ve got everything you need in one place.


13. Adobe Lightroom: An Adobe Lightroom class ($39) is the perfect gift for the photo lover or aspiring photographer in your life. It’ll give you all the basics to start crafting lovely images. All that’s left to do is share your beautiful work with the world.

scarf kit

14. Stamped Scarf Kit: Scarf season is upon us! If you’re getting tired of the same old winter accessories, try making a new one with this stamp kit ($25). You can even add a few stamps to a bunch of old pieces to really get your mileage out of this kit.


15. Succulent Gardening: Not everyone was born with the magic touch, but after this class ($19), you’ll be a green-thumb-wielding pro. Soon your all of your spaces will be filled with beautiful succulents, and keeping them alive and thriving will be NBD.

whiskey kit

16. Etched Whiskey Tumbler: If you’ve ever been so spellbound by a beautiful glass design, or you’re convinced you could make something cooler than anything else out there, this kit ($40) is for you. Learn how to etch your own designs on glasses and enjoy your beverages more than ever before.

party planning

17. Party Planning: Whether you got roped into hosting a holiday event against your will or you love party planning so much that you’re thinking of going pro, this class ($19) was made for you. It’ll calm your nerves and boost your skills, and with the kit ($59) in tow as well, you’ve got all the supplies you need.

woven cuff

18. Woven Cuff: Store-bought jewelry no more! You’re a creative gal and there’s no reason you should have to settle for accessories that don’t speak directly to your soul. This class ($19) will have you twisting and weaving your way to your very own handmade cuff — heck, a small business might be next!

coding class

19. Coding: Become that badass coder chick you know you are with this class ($39). It’ll get you started with all the basics, and soon you’ll be crafting your own webpages — sayonara, Squarespace!

Which of these lovely learning tools is going to spark your next creative streak? Share with us in the comments below!