We鈥檙e all grown adults here, so let鈥檚 just put the truth out on the table. We still love LEGOs. But since we鈥檙e grown-ups living in small apartments, we don鈥檛 have the space to actually own LEGOs. Thankfully, Pley exists to rent us our dream sets. And their community of contributors at Pleyworld are stretching the limits of what LEGOs can create. In particular, we鈥檙e digging what the Pleyworld foodies are creating. (As you scroll through these photos, just keep reminding yourself that LEGO bricks will crack your teeth. [But edible LEGOs do, in fact, exist.])


We never considered the idea before, but now we can鈥檛 stop imaging how great life would be if hand-sized M&M鈥檚 existed. Can we get Hershey on this?


Pleyworld asks its community of LEGO enthusiasts to share their best designs. The community votes, and the designs that get 5,000 votes will be made into a LEGO set, which can then can be rented. Start voting now, so we can make some LEGO watermelon slices this summer.


Whether you call it a hoagie or a sub, you can鈥檛 deny the appeal of a footlong sandwich. Ugh, are we the only ones getting super hungry over here?


Now that we think of it, we could really go for some sushi. That little LEGO dollop of wasabi is perfect, and we鈥檙e pretty sure we would only ever use LEGO chopsticks if we had a pair.


Every night could be taco night when you鈥檝e made them our of LEGOs. The only thing missing is the sour cream.


Okay, so a Kitchen Aid mixer isn鈥檛 food. However, our Kitchen Aids are our favorite thing in our kitchens, so we had to include it. Don鈥檛 act like it isn鈥檛 the first thing that鈥檚 going on your wedding registry.


We wouldn鈥檛 hate spending an afternoon building some oranges out of LEGO bricks. We鈥檇 probably invite over nieces and nephews to play too.


Oh summertime, we鈥檙e dreaming of you and the ice cream trucks that come with you. But we gotta say, that ice cream man doesn鈥檛 look too friendly. Maybe it鈥檚 a Hey Arnold reference鈥


Instead of buying a box of donuts, spend your morning building a LEGO donut. And then eat a banana. What a way to make your morning more healthy and fun.

If you want more LEGOs in your life, check out these LEGO products, and add a little more play to your world.

If you could make anything out of LEGOs, what would it be? Tell us in the comments! Or submit your design to Pleyworld!

(h/t Mashable)