From helping you create treehouses and battleships to teaching you that “Everything is awesome!” and stressing the importance of imagination, LEGOs are always expanding minds. We mean, what parent would deny their child a toy that helps to foster and grow their imagination? Well… considering how expensive LEGO sets are getting, probably many. Sets can easily cost anywhere from $25 to $500. Luckily, Pley has a solution.

Pley allows you to rent LEGO sets and have them delivered right to your front door. Super cool, right? The subscription is only $15 per month and your first month is free. Shipping is also free both ways (#win). Your younger nieces and nephews — and let’s be honest, even you — are finally able to try out those $500 castle sets, car models and more. The Pley Shop is adding new sets daily to its already wide selection of over 250 sets. And rest assured, there isn’t a limit on the number of sets you can add to your Pleylist.

Speaking of unlimited, did we mention that there’s no return date for any given set? You can hold on to your set for as long as your creative heart desires. After you’re done, mail it back and as soon as Pley receives it, they’ll send out the next set on your Pleylist. If you end up loving the set, you can purchase it at a discounted price (#doublewin).

Oh, and attention all germaphobes. You can put your Clorox wipes away, because all of their sets are completely cleaned and sanitized upon return. Pley has basically figured it all out. They even understand that some pieces are bound to get lost, and they won’t charge for a few missing ones.

Now the question is: Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley set or the Ninjago’s Nindroids set?

Which sets are on your Pleylist? Tell us in the comments below!