On our quest to find some freaking amazing letterpress posters, what we discovered is there’s a whole lot of room for the makers of the world to make freaking amazing letterpress posters. And while there aren’t a million masterpieces out there, we did find a few diamonds in the rough that should be more than enough inspiration to guide you down the road to your own artful brilliance. Press on, people of the world.

1. Winter Is Coming: Sadly, this poster is sold out, but we’re still featuring it in hopes that they’ll bring it back. After all, winter is coming… very soon, and we’re anxiously awaiting the premiere of season four. (via Etsy)

2. Ian Gabb: Many wonderful things are happening here… yes, wonderful. Ian Gabb knows a thing or two about letterpress. He once acted as the letterpress technician at the Royal College of the Arts in London. And the dude knew that if you’re going to host a letterpress workshop, the promo poster better blow minds. Success. (via Type for Now)

3. Daft Punk ($12): If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t like Daft Punk, please don’t speak now and forever hold your peace. Just kidding. We can totally still be friends.

4. Vertical Deconstruction ($25): Andrew Holder has lots of crazy beautiful work. Most of it is screen printed, but we did find one letterpressed creation tucked among the other little lovelies.

5. Haiku Typographical Experiment: Norwegian designer Eli Kleppe has a goal — to make legible typography without the use of ink. That’s no easy feat, my friends. Through a series of experiments with all sorts of methods of printing, one simple and super appeasing type has been created. (via Creativitea)

6. A Collection of Radii ($30): If “Because” (the world is round, it turns you on — sing it with us!) is your personal anthem, then you’re going to want to buy this poster stat.

7. Mountain Letterpress ($30): Simple and pretty. The end.

8. The New America ($35): This poster was created to promote a short animation that goes by the same name. And that film is right up our alley. Every frame was created by laser engraving artwork onto a solid block of wood. All of a sudden claymation seems so passé.

9. Full Bleed, The Design + Tattoo Experience: This poster was created for an AIGA event in Salt Lake City. So it kind of makes sense that it’s over the top elaborate and beautiful. (via Paper Crane)

10. Johannes Gutenberg ($25): Hey, we gotta give props to the guy who started it all. Way to go to you, Mr. Gutenberg.

11. Ma’am Step Away From The Computer ($91): Sometimes you need a not-so-subtle reminder that it’s okay to take your fingers off of the keyboard. Everything is going to be alright as far as my Google research could tell me.

12. Buzzed + Fuzzed Print Set ($30): Here you have it, the beginning and the end of your day in pictorial form.

13. HyperQuake 10th Anniversary Poster: You guys. Will you check out that detailed embossing? Goosebumps! (via For Print Only)

14. Henry + Co. Posters: Say you’re a family-owned, second generation printer located in Georgia who wants to capture the attention of designers around the world. This is the kind of poster you would create. Designers’ heads turn everywhere. Mission accomplished. (via For Print Only)

Which poster is pressing all the right buttons for you? Deboss your thoughts in the comments below!