Whether you鈥檙e a brand new grad out there hunting for the perfect place to make your first mark on the working world (congratulations, by the way!) or a more experienced career woman with a hunch that there are bigger and better things waiting for you professionally, it鈥檚 no secret that job hunting is almost聽always a challenge. We know it鈥檚 鈥渁ll about who you know,鈥 but what鈥檚 the best way to make those all-important connections in the first place? When you hit 鈥渟end鈥 on your online application, where does all of that information that you worked so hard on even聽go? What鈥檚 the perfect, not-too-pushy way to follow-up via email with an HR rep? There are so. many. questions鈥 and even the most聽experienced job searchers among us don鈥檛 always have the answers.

Enter LinkedIn 鈥 everyone鈥檚 go-to professional networking platform 鈥 with a聽major wealth of data to help new grads and savvy bosses alike successfully snatch up their next dream gig. Using intel from human resources leaders plus their own聽statistical insights, the LinkedIn team has delivered what we might call an embarrassment of riches for the job seekers among us. Keep scrolling for the inside scoop.

4 Skills top executives are looking for

1. Bleeding-Edge Technology Abilities:聽Bleeding-edge technology refers to the field of tech that is聽so new that it may even be unreliable. If you are comfortable working with fresh innovations and quick to adapt to changes, you definitely have a leg up. 鈥淵ou hire people who have in the past been able to bend the curve on technology,鈥 Verizon鈥檚 Senior Vice President and Chief Talent and Diversity Officer Magda Yrizarry told LinkedIn. 鈥淪o you have confidence that they are not beholden to the past, that they can create the future.鈥

2. A Tendency for Leading Change:聽Hiring managers聽at top companies are looking for new employees聽who can take on challenges and act as agents for innovation and fresh聽ideas. There鈥檚 no room for resistance or old-school behavior these days!

3. An Appetite to Learn: It turns out that being hungry for knowledge is a skill that can serve you well beyond graduation. 鈥淭he pace of technology continues to accelerate and it doesn鈥檛 show any signs of slowing,鈥 Ardine Williams, Amazon Web Services鈥 vice president of global talent acquisition, told LinkedIn. 鈥淵ou must have an insatiable curiosity about what鈥檚 changing and how, and stay current. Otherwise, you鈥檙e going to be left behind.鈥 Consider us hungry!

4. Field-Specific Skills:聽LinkedIn also has some intel on the more specific talents you should highlight in your resume and interview based on the industry you鈥檙e targeting. Check out the chart below for all of the details:

5 Top-paying entry-level jobs聽For new grads

1. Investment Banking Analyst: $105,000 median total compensation

2. Data Scientist: $93,500 median total compensation

3. Hardware Engineer: $90,000 median total compensation

4. Software Engineer: $80,000 median total compensation

5. Equity Research Analyst: $79,500 median total compensation

Best companies in聽your field

Best companies for big growth

Best companies for sticking around

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