Closets as big as bedrooms, in-home IMAX theaters: We can’t get enough of checking out the goods that, to the rich and famous, are simply standard. To get the real inside scoop on celebrity real estate, we talked with Lisa Johnson Mandell, HGTV’s long-time West Coast correspondent and founder of She’s sharing with us the biggest celeb home trends and taking us inside some very famous homes.

The Latest Home Theater Trends

Anyone who watched Cribs in the early 2000s knows that an in-house movie theater is a celebrity home staple, but Mandell says that recently, the trend is reaching an even more impressive level. “A home IMAX theater, which can cost up to $3 million, is most coveted,” she says. “Seth MacFarlane got the first IMAX ever installed in a private residence, and a number of directors are following suit so they can watch their own movies in the format they’ll be shown when they’re released.” Mandell says the reasons why IMAX theaters are crazy expensive is because they require stadium seating, a curved screen at least 12 feet tall and outrageous sound systems.

Mid-Century Modern Decorating

As far as decor, right now it’s all about MCM. Mandell says celebs go crazy for anything Jonathan Adler. Her tip for us civilians is to shop his JCPenney line, which is actually very trendy, even among the rich and famous. She tells us celebrities often attend MCM design shows in LA and Palm Springs to see the latest pieces. Celebs like Julie Bowen and Jenna Elfman have been known to host MCM design galas in the past. (Photo via @jonathanadler)

Airbnb, Celebrity Style

Since many celebrities often spend months away from home while filming a movie or on a music tour, some actually rent out their homes. Yep, you can stay in a celeb’s house — if you can afford it. “Many celebs like Jessica Alba, the Winklevoss twins, Sandra Bullock, Cindy Crawford and Joan Collins will rent out their houses by the month or year,” Mandell tells us. “Leonardo DiCaprio’s swank home in Palm Springs, formerly owned by Dinah Shore, can be rented by the night for $4,500, with a two-night minimum stay.” Interested? Head to 432 Hermosa for details. (Photo via 432 Hermosa)

How Celebs Flip Houses

Courtney Cox, Ellen Degeneres, Jeremy Renner, Corbin Bernsen and Cindy Crawford all love the flip, according to Mandell. Crawford bought a mansion earlier this year for $6 million and is now asking $15.5 million. “I think she’s set her expectations a little high because the rehab wasn’t all that extensive,” Mandell says. “Its chief asset is not beach views — they are very limited. It’s the beach access to a very private and exclusive beach that is so valuable.” Mandell tells us that Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber have a much larger house on the Enciinal Bluffs and just bought the extensive property next door, which they plan to renovate. They are also renting out their cottage on Broad Beach for $45,000. (Photo via Coldwell Banker)

The Most Expensive Home In Bel Air

Mandell tells us that one developer is building a $500 million spec home in Bel Air, which will be over 100,000 square feet. “I suspect the price is merely a publicity stunt,” she says. “Previously, the most expensive house on the market was $195 million, and I thought that was suspect as well.” This new, outrageously priced property is boasting four pools, 5,000 square feet for a master suite and a 30-car garage. You can check out all the details on Mandell’s site.

Of course, even when a 100,000 square foot home is not enough, there is also the prospect of buying your own island. Mandell says a Dutch company is building private islands in the Maldives, Dubai and Miami, and she expects even more to be sprouting up in other locations soon enough. (Photo via BloombergBusiness)

What home feature would you treat yourself to if money wasn’t an issue? Share in the comments.