For long-distance couples both new and established, being away from the one who makes your heart the happiest for an extended period of time can be tough. Luckily, it’s 2015, and modern technology has brought us a selection of the best apps designed to help you manage your LDR. You might still miss your loved one’s hugs and the way they laugh at your stupid jokes, but these eight apps will help make you smile from miles away.


1. Avocado: Named for the Aztec symbol of love and fertility, this app is designed to encourage consistent communication between you and your boo regardless of the distance. It’s synced with Google Calendars so you can create lists, schedules and reminders together, as well as exchange private messages and personalized photos to express your current mood.

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2. Between: This app helps you and your S.O. share a personalized, private digital world. Aside from basic text and picture messaging, one of the most notable features in this app is the Memory Box, which lets you review all your fave photos with your partner. It also includes a weather update feature so you can see whether your partner is experiencing rain or shine — kinda cool!

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3. Couplete: This app is great for adventurous couples who are constantly seeking new activities to experience and places to explore together (when they are together). For those who are in an LDR and are always coming up with awesome date night/travel ideas, this app can help you create wish lists and maintain a life-log to document your relationship (with all of the cherished memories in between) and help you get through the burden of long distance.

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4. LokLok: Once you have your partner’s schedule figured out (i.e, knowing when they wake up in the morning or when they’re getting out of a meeting), surprise them by sending a cute little personalized doodle that’ll appear on their lock screen. The app works like a customizable whiteboard on your phone that you can send to whoever you want, whenever you want! It may not include any text or voice features, but it’s perfect for those who have a goofy or artistic side to their personality and want to mix up their long-distance interactions.

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5. Skype Qik: No time for a full-on Skype sesh? No problem. Skype Qik is like a hybrid between Snapchat and Skype — you can pre-record and send video clips to your partner that can be immediately erased or archived for up to two weeks. The group chat feature can help bring in close friends to the conversation to create new memories and help make the long distance more tolerable. Add in music, text and photos to the conversation to keep it fresh. And most importantly, don’t forget to remind your partner of how good of a dancer + lip-syncer you are — you know how much they miss seeing you bust out those kickass dance moves.

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6. Sesame: Can’t stop thinking about your darling while you’re halfway across the world? Send them a little somethin’ somethin’ when they least expect it! Waking up to a special package at their front door on a Tuesday morning from the person who they love and miss so dearly is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Choose from a selection of gift themes to match their personality, or customize your own to make something extra special.

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7. HeyTell: Texting is a great way to keep in contact with your friends and family, but nothing beats hearing the sweet sound of your lover’s voice. Send and receive voice messages using this app that can be as public or as personal as you’d like. If you have limited connection with your partner or are in completely opposite timezones, you can save and replay any sweet or sultry message they send you whenever you miss them or need a little pick-me-up. Bonus: The app’s latest update allows messages to be sent to Apple Watches (score!)

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8. Vibease: After countless dirty texts, Skype sessions, thoughtful presents and hand-written cards, you can’t help but crave an intimate connection with your bey. This v. adult app is designed to send custom vibrations (yes, that kind) to your partner, no matter where they are in the world, as long as they’re wearing the special vibrator that is synced to the app. It’s small in size so you can wear it anytime, and it’s considered to be one of the quietest vibrators in the market — so no one will know what going on underneath it all.

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Ever used one of these apps? Or do you use something else that’s not listed? Tell us about your experience and comment below!