When you set out to do a project, are you prepared to dedicate your time and energy for months, heck, even years? If you answered no, then you’re probably more like the rest of us, but nowhere near Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom. He spent 20 years documenting people who dress alike for a project called “People of the Twenty-First Century.” The results, as you can imagine, are pretty spectacular.

Eijkelboom would wait in crowded areas of various cities, in countries all around the world. Then he’d watch. After deciding on a theme for the day, be it blue jeans or people rollerblading or women in awesome sweater dresses, he’d spend hours capturing every look he saw on the street.

His process is also unusual. Rather than asking individuals if he could pose them and take their photo, he simply attached a camera to a wire in his pocket. Each time he saw a worthy subject, he’d snap a shot. He wanted people to not “react to the camera.” Instead, he wanted them to just act normal.

The results, where individuals are simultaneously caught in their own thoughts, interacting with others and experiencing the world around them, provide a unique glimpse into our world.

Not gonna lie, you might see one of these #picstitch-ed in our Instagram feed this week…

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