We introduced you to yoga pants fit for the boardroom, now get ready to go head-to-toe in an outfit meant to take you from downward dog to drinks with your dawgs. Lululemon just launched &go, a line of clothing that’s ready to wear… to Vinyasa and way, way beyond.

Look, Lululemon knows that you’re busy living life and knows that you already get away with wearing their pants outside the studio (What?! They’re cute!) so they did something really smart and made pants, dresses, tanks and shorts meant to be worn out and about. Imagine a normal, busy day. You bike to the gym, get in a quick namaste before your first cup of coffee (you are our hero PS), you get to work for an important meeting, run a couple errands and make it just in time for happy hour drinks, which (whoops) turn into after hour drinks.

If you could wear ONE thing all-day instead of having to carry a mini-wardrobe with you — would you? If the answer is somewhere in the absolutely to maybe range, let’s take a look at the line before we start testing deodorant strengths:

Here to There Pant ($118): These tailored pants with leather-like accents could definitely take you from spinning to brunch-ing without any changing in between.

Here to There Tank ($58): With sweat-wicking fabric and a loose-fitting, open back, this tank is basically begging us to bring some twerk-age to our Warrior One.

Here to There Short ($54): Good for commuters or booty shakers, these stretch fabric shorts have a splash of reflectivity that make them look like buttah, baby.

The above are still available, but the line is selling like whole grain, fruit-filled hot cakes — the next looks are sold out already:

And, of course, they are are our favorite. The cutouts! To die for. And to splurge for since they cost $108.

For $198, this dress might not feel worth the dough (or feel quite right for doing yoga in) but it is definitely adorable.

The peplum tank is similar to some Lululemon already sells. They’ve always seemed a little too sweet for the gym, but we like the idea of them outside. Especially with the pants! Is that weird?

What do you think of Lululemon’s &go line? Would you wear these outside the gym? Sound off below!