Nothing gets your heart pumping and those feel-good endorphins surging like a run along your fave scenic route. But after sustaining a running-related injury, a casual jog in the park is anything but a walk in the park. Fortunately, there’s Lumo Run, a line of smart shorts that coach you as you run to help improve your form and avoid injuries.


Palo Alto, California-based Lumo BodyTech is on a mission to promote healthy, active habits and help individuals live their best lives. They develop smart sensors and software that provide actionable feedback and increase health awareness in small, subtle ways that don’t intrude on users’ everyday routines. While their latest innovation may look like traditional running shorts to the casual eye, Lumo Run shorts pack powerhouse fitness technology that may redefine the wearable industry.


Wearing these shorts is like having a personal trainer running alongside you, but one that costs significantly less (and doesn’t yell at you!). When you wear Lumo Run shorts, you’ll receive real-time, audible coaching on your running form through your headphones. If your stride is gangling, you’ll likely hear about it and can immediately change it before you injure yourself. In addition, Lumo Run measures your stride length, cadence, bounce, ground contact time, braking and pelvic rotation. When you’re finished with your run, take a breather and view post-run insights through the convenient companion app.

You won’t find wires, goggles or wristbands in the Lumo Run shorts. The magic behind the metrics is all in the waistband of the shorts, which contain a state-of-the-art, lab-grade sensor that’s waterproof, machine-washable and can last for at least one month after a single charge. Whether you sprint in the ultra-light women’s capris or jog in the men’s shorts, Lumo Run can help you go the distance with your fitness goals.

If you’re ready to hit the trail, head over to the Lumo BodyTech website to pre-order Lumo Run shorts in a variety of styles and prices. Pre-orders are expected to begin shipping in March of 2016.

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(h/t The Next Web; images via Lumo BodyTech)