No one wants to get a lump of coal in his or her stocking on Christmas morning. But if the “coal” is actually a Nestlé Toll House Lumps of Coal cookie, then we have a feeling people are going to *try* to be naughty this holiday season. When you don’t have time to whip up homemade cookies as intricate as Jacques Torres-approved chocolate chip goodies, you can’t go wrong with some premade cookie dough from the store, especially when it has such a hilarious name.

Lumps Coal cookies look just as craveable as the classic slice-and-bake cookies we’ve been enjoying for years. They’re sold in a flat pack of pre-portioned pieces of dough, so your treats are all the same size when they go into the oven. The cookies themselves are rich and chocolaty and are dotted with chocolate chips (ahem, morsels) that become luxuriously gooey in the oven. We recommend adding a generous sprinkle of sea salt to the top to really amplify the flavor.

No one would guess that you got the dough from the store instead of baking them from scratch. Besides, if doing so makes you naughty… then we guess you get to have a Lumps of Coal cookie as “punishment.” This is definitely the type of dessert that calls for an ice-cold glass of milk. You can find Lumps of Coal in stores across the country now for $3.

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(Photo via Nestlé)