It’s been a hot second (read: quite a while) since we’ve seen a significant update in the MacBook. Thus, they’re due for a makeover, and it looks like one of the biggest updates coming — though not this year, as the new model will be here before 2018 — will be to the keyboard. We are all familiar with the most basic keyboard shortcuts, but how awesome would it be if we didn’t have to memorize any shortcuts at all?

Design company Sonder is aiming to solve that problem with their new keyboard available for preorder for $199. The keyboard uses E ink and is already set to play nice with both Macs and PCs, thanks to Bluetooth.


However, according to a post on Reddit by user Foxconninsider, Apple will be using Sonder’s keyboard in their MacBooks, something that was later (sort of) confirmed by a Sonder representative:

“Sonder is currently closing B2B procurement contracts with three 3rd party laptop companies to integrate our technology into their products…Sonder has been in discussions with Apple’s procurement board regarding Sonder’s laptop module.”

The keyboard can switch between languages and layouts for various computer programs, as can be seen in the video below.

At first MacRumors hesitated to cover the story, but Apple CEO Tim Cook’s meeting with Foxconn Innoconn to discuss the keyboard was confirmed by The Guardian.

Some folks are calling it the Magic Keyboard. It certainly looks magical! No matter what, it seems like the MacBook’s future keyboard is going to be fancy.

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(h/t MacRumors, photos via Sonder Design)