Y’all, it’s cold AF outside — especially if you’re digging yourself out of Blizzard Jonas or experiencing the chill in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. While the cold weather does give us an opportunity to channel our inner snow bunny, the elements are super harsh, so it’s important to get serious about your cold weather skincare game. For Sundance stars, their skin has to look camera-ready at all times in freezing temps so we talked to Madisen Beaty (the 20-year-old actress is in two movies at Sundance this year, Other People + Outlaws and Angels!) who exclusively shared her winter beauty secret with us.


Madisen tells us she never underestimates the importance of a good moisturizer in the winter. More specifically, Madisen turns to skincare brand Murad each night for her moisturizer of choice — it’s a brand known for their innovative approach to skincare (the 25-year-old line was founded by a doctor). Beyond swearing by Murad moisturizer (try Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture $72) to quench dry skin, Madisen also relies on the heavy-duty moisturizer as an important step in her beauty routine.


“You need a good base before you put makeup on,” she told us at the premiere of Other People. The thick, super hydrating moisturizer glides on smoothly, eliminates flaky skin and creates a totally even base on your skin before you apply makeup. Using your moisturizer as a makeup primer is genius, you guys. You should already be slathering on this skincare essential anyway — so the next time you stash your heavy-duty moisturizer in a cabinet before bed, relocate it to your vanity so it’s ready for you in the AM when you’re primping for the day ahead.

Madisen Beaty

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(Featured photo via Jason Merritt/Getty; photo via Alison Buck/Getty)