Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The aromas of mom鈥檚 roasted turkey, grandma鈥檚 to-die-for stuffing and uncle鈥檚 famous garlic mashed potatoes are about to fill the house. But with this new Kickstarter, you鈥檒l be able to cook savory entrees and bake sweet desserts of your own, year-round.

The Maid Oven, one of the top gadgets on our smart kitchen wish list, is your 21st century kitchen assistant with a conventional oven, microwave and top-heater all in one. Maid doesn鈥檛 only give you recipes, but it also teaches you to cook a variety of different dishes step-by-step through its voice instructions. The oven connects to your WiFi, giving you an endless cookbook via the Recipe Store. Even if you鈥檙e not baking, you can use the Recipe Store for stovetop or grill recipes as well.

You won鈥檛 be needing your timer anymore, because Maid knows exactly what it is baking or heating up. This means no more over-baked cookies, no more burnt homemade pizzas and definitely no more under-heated leftovers.聽Maid can also become your personal dietitian as it learns about your diet based on what you cook and the recipes you use. With the Maid app, Maid will be able to track your activity throughout the day so when you come home, it鈥檒l have healthy recipe suggestions to fit your dietary needs.

Ever been in the dilemma of having messy hands and being unable to turn the page in your recipe book or swipe your phone for the next step of instructions? Maid鈥檚 voice and gesture controls can help with that. The voice control only recognizes English right now, but the creators over at SectorQube are working on other languages. Whenever Maid鈥檚 software gets new updates 鈥 like the addition of more languages 鈥 you鈥檒l be able to get the latest software over the air.

The Maid Oven is currently raising funds over on聽Kickstarter. Put down $449,聽and Maid Oven will be in your home just in time for the holidays next year.

What would you make in your Maid Oven? We鈥檇 love to hear all about it!