Sure, in the past we’ve been amazed by 3D printed casts, houses and even disposable underwear. But today, our friends, today, we’re dumbfounded by artist Maiko Gruber’s Gradient Bangles. The Berlin-based artist explores the intersection of real and virtual, with hopes that the beautiful results will make you question what’s tangible and what’s digital.

Gruber’s designs are hypnotic and reminiscent of a 3D puzzle. These wearable sculptures are pastel, perfectly chunky and made from a soft, colored sulfate mineral called gypsum. That’s right, it’s a 3D printed mineral! Can the world of 3D printing get any cooler?

Gruber is a veteran of 3D modeling, well known for surrealism and accuracy, and we couldn’t be more excited that this project has left the screen and made its way into hands and onto arms. The Gradient Bangle series aims to explore “colour as direct representation of three-dimensional form, self-forming topology and their relation to the human body, rendered in multiple formats from digital image to 3D printed object.”

In Gruber’s own words, “Sometimes finding appropriate solutions isn’t exactly fun. But in the end, simply being able to create something out of nothing and turn it into a virtual or a physical reality is very satisfying.”

Sadly, for now, you can’t buy these beauties to wear. They’re just intricate, amazing sculptures. Until they are avaialble, we have some rad bangles to hold you off.

What kind of jewelry do you see in the future of 3D printing? Let us know below!

(h/t Design Milk)