Nowadays, no one bats an eye when a couple says that they met online. There are so many dating apps out there that aim to help you meet your one and only (or maybe your one and only for a couple of weeks). We know the online dating game is all about first impressions — your bio, your Q+A and likely most importantly, your photos. Of all the dating apps out there, Tinder has become the most infamous. With limited space to write about yourself, your photos takes priority. One woman just put the photos themselves to the test with pretty shocking results.


Beauty vlogger Alexa Mitchell is no stranger to the looking good (she has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to beauty after all!) but she wanted to see if the Tinder-verse was as shallow as everyone accuses it of being. She did this by posting images of herself on two separate profiles un-made up. Her experiment was two-fold: 1) she posted three completely bare and unretouched selfies. 2) she photo edited these makeup free selfies by removing blemishes, whitening her teeth and brightening up her undereyes. Then, she swiped right on 100 potential suitors for each profile and waited five hours to see what would happened.

For the completely au naturel selfies, she received 16 matches. For the Photoshopped images, she saw a major difference with a staggering (and a bit disappointing) 75 percent match up.

Of her experiment, Alexa deduced that while men don’t necessarily want someone in “heavier makeup,” they definitely prefer someone with a “cleaner” more “flawless” appearance, which is — hello! — what makeup can do. The final verdict per this experiment? No real surprise here, Tinder. You’re still pretty shallow.

Check out the whole video below:

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(h/t Metro, photos via MaicanGirl)