Everyone, something hilarious happened on the Internet and you need to know about it.

A (very admirable) woman named Machel Green and her husband Jerrad chose to announce their second pregnancy in the best way imaginable: a B. Spears themed music video! The video announcement is chock-full of teased hair, hilarious lyrics and that unmistakable, breathy Britney voice we all know and love.

Seriously, this pregnancy announcement is hysterical and a super creative way to broadcast you鈥檙e expecting to loved ones, even though more than 186K people have already viewed this gem on YouTube since it was posted on Monday.

Machel chronicles the first few months of typical pregnancy ups and downs with Britney themed videos, kicking things off with 鈥淧regnant Again,鈥 脿 la 鈥淥ops! 鈥 Did It Again.鈥 You鈥檒l have to check out the Greens鈥 entire vid to see every Britney video they chose, but we can divulge that 鈥淭oxic鈥 (arguably the best music video of all time IMO) is included. As it should be.

But wait! There鈥檚 more! A gender reveal is also included in this viral announcement. The couple鈥檚 son Noah reveals the gender of his sibling-to-be to his parents in front of friends and family on a beach. It adds a really touching element to this otherwise LOL video.

To conclude, we鈥檇 like to formally congratulate the Greens on this truly incredible creation and wish them the best with their new babe, who鈥檚 due this November. #BritneyForever

Would you ever announce a pregnancy in a similar way? Tell us in the comments section below.

(Featured photo via @VintageMarqueeLights)