Things that look good when everything matches: Color blocked décor. Manicures. People’s outfits + their houses’ paint jobs? That’s right.

SF-based site The Bold Italic ran a photo essay by photographer Tom Kubik featuring San Franciscans matching their stylish clothing to their gloriously chromatic homes. If you need some real color to brighten up your day, read on. If you need some outfit inspiration, read on. If you need a reminder as to why San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, read on.

It’s blue skies in the Sunset (for once).

Impressive outfit, guy, but not as impressive as that downhill parking job.

It’s like we traveled back in time to catch a glimpse of your best friend’s hot grandpa.

Did you know: SOMA is home to Twitter as well a near-daily public reenacting of the Folsom Street Fair. #FunFact #DontGoogleIt

If you grow up to be as classy as these two, you did everything right.

Do tell: If you could live in one of these houses, which would it be?