With so many new mattresses on the market, each claiming to be the one-and-only solution to transforming your bedroom, it can be downright overwhelming to try to pick which brand deserves your hard-earned bucks. And after reading hundreds of reviews, we admit we’ve resorted to some, er, less traditional methods of trying to find the best one. Our latest strategy? Wayfair‘s zodiac-based approach to finding the one mattress that will suit your star sign and make sure you get the rest you need.

Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, this one’s for you. Known for overthinking everything, these signs will benefit from a mattress that takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process. “Due to their overly analytical personality, air signs might lose sleep over weighing the pros and cons of a mattress, which is why a hassle-free option like Nora is their best bet,” according to Wayfair. (And it can be returned for a full refund anytime in the first 100 days, so no need to second guess that decision.)

Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are known for their emotional, sensitive natures, so they need to find a mattress that takes care of them. “For someone with a delicate body and mind, a latex mattress is a great option, as they’re hypoallergenic and have been proven to relieve pressure points and reduce pain, creating a tranquil night’s rest,” the retailer notes. The top suggestions for water signs? Alwyn Home Latex Mattresses, available in 10– or 12-inch options, or a Spindle 10-inch.

Fire Signs: Known for their instinct to help and nurture others, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius should look for a mattress that does as much for their partner as they do. “To avoid disrupting your S.O. while they’re catching Zs, a memory foam mattress is a smart choice. The sophisticated materials absorb motion, allowing you to toss and turn without interrupting your partner or pet,” Wayfair says. The Perfect Sleeper by Serta offers both fire signs and their cosmic partners a restful night.

Earth Signs: It’s often said that earth signs are creatures of habit, preferring to stick to a well-loved routine and enjoying familiar habits. “Given their penchant for keeping with what they know, earth signs will find comfort in a traditional innerspring mattress,” according to the site. “Spring mattresses have evolved over time to provide unbeatable rest and are a great option for those who prefer the tried-and-true.” The best bet for earth signs may well be an innerspring from Wayfair Sleep.

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