Lisa Frank Enthusiasts Will LOVE This Tattoo Artist’s Surreal Work
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Lisa Frank Enthusiasts Will LOVE This Tattoo Artist’s Surreal Work

When you’re considering your next (or first!) tattoo, something eye catching and colorfully surreal is always a fun choice. Our latest #tattooercrush, Maya Kbtz (aka @maya_kbtz), is the master behind dazzling work that stops our color and pattern-loving hearts. Get ready to add these trippy kitties, colorful mandalas and more to your tattoo wish list.

1. Trippy Kitty: The shading and coloring on this piece is a Lisa Frank lover’s dream come true.

2. Jellyfish Medusa: Our girl Medusa is getting a nautical makeover. We can’t stop staring at the jellyfish kisses on her neck. They’re truly amazing.

3. Mandala: This spiritual symbol is colorful and reflective, making it extra powerful.

4. Rainbow Cupcake: Good luck not smiling every time you look at this adorable work of art.

5. Poppy Bottle: We can’t take our eyes off this watercolor-inspired work.

6. Shady Lady: This free-spirited gal is a great reminder to throw caution to the wind every once in a while.

7. Geometric Moon: This calming pattern adds a perfect touch to lunar-inspired ink.

8. Bright Bottle: This colorful potion looks like it has a story to tell. The whimsical designs only add to this tattoo’s intrigue.

9. Geometric Stag: Can’t make up your mind on your next ink? Go with a trifecta of cool: an intricate pattern, watercolor geometrics and a regal stag.

10. Baubled Bracelet: Any serious accessories nut needs some permanent adornment.

11. Quetzal: This arty avian piece is a must for any feather lover.

12. Health Potion: Juicing be damned: This is one serious reminder to take care of yourself.

13. Patterned Heart: Hearts are pretty bad ass on their own, but this bright, patterned beauty is worth a double take.

14. Technicolor Swan: Take the prettiest bird ever, add some A+ shading and get ready for the tattoo envy.

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