We鈥檙e generally all right with mixing savory and sweet when it comes to our ice cream varieties, but the latest flavor mashup has the internet besides itself. Mayonnaise ice cream (yes with real Hellmann鈥檚 mayo) is the latest creation from a creamery in the UK. People are seriously flipping out over the idea.

ICE artisan ice cream in Falkirk, Scotland, posted a photo of the unusual flavor to聽Instagram captioned, 鈥淲ho knows a mayo addict?鈥 and people are having strong reactions. linny70I thought it was 鈥#justwrongonsomanylevels鈥 but then after trying it says, 鈥淚t鈥檚 actually really nice, creamy, and rich.鈥 denadesimone joked, 鈥淲hat gets me is the sprinkle of mayo on the top like icing. How could you?鈥 curvygirllingerie interjected, 鈥淛UST. NO! And, I love mayo.鈥 ishii_lbc went so far as threatening to report this page for hate content and added, 鈥淗ow dare you desecrate the honor of ice cream with this monstrosity?! Ew! No! *recoils in horror*鈥

The mayo ice cream debate has expanded from Instagram to Twitter, where a few folks did not hold back from are voicing their opinions:

If you aren鈥檛 freaked out enough yet, on ICE鈥檚 Facebook, a fan, Nidal Saed, shared, 鈥淚 want one soooo bad. I love mayo. I can eat it by the spoon.鈥 Okay, you do you鈥

As for us, we鈥檙e just not sure: Mayo鈥檚 richness and saltiness could pair well with ice cream, though the vinegar-y taste has us a little wary. Both items serve us in different ways, but do they really need to be in a relationship? Probably not.

If you want to try it though, it鈥檚 probably pretty easy to just squirt some mayo, like chocolate syrup, directly into your vanilla ice cream right at home. No judgments, obviously.

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(Image via Getty Images)