Thanks to Kingston University grad Jake Rich, no longer will we be stuck with our faces pressed against a tiny microwave window as we watch our meals spin around and around while they cook. Rich has redesigned the microwave with the Mediumwave. This innovative product adds wheels, a removable lid and a powerful light to a design that’s similar to what we’ve been using to nuke our food since way back when.

Mediumwave is rounder and simple than the microwave we know, and is meant to function as easily as a stovetop. When the lid is locked in place, it completes the circuit required for the appliance to work. When the lid is removed, it simply stops cooking. By being able to take the lid on and off, it makes your food more accessible for stirring and monitoring.

It’s only about the size of a dinner plate, and the long cord makes it portable and simple to move. Want to pop some popcorn right in front of the TV? No problem! Need to move it down the counter to make way for meal prep? Go right ahead, roll it down! You can move this guy wherever you want thanks to its handy wheels and lightweight design.

Simplifying the microwave seems like a genius idea to us! Buttons, settings, eh — as long as we can punch in the time, we’re usually golden. And with Mediumwave, there’s just a timer and a power dial to deal with. Plus you don’t have to maneuver in awkward positions to clean it… you just take off the lid and wipe!

If you’re like us, you’re lovin’ the idea of this new gadget. This product was on show at London’s Business Design Centre until last week, but is not for sale quite yet. The designer is hoping to eventually mass produce his handy little microwave, though, so stay tuned!

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(h/t Dezeen and Fast Company)