Your social feeds are probably full of college friends, coworkers and your favorite celebs, but there’s a whole other realm of peeps who you should be following: social bros. Whether they’re going on crazy adventures, dressing to the nines or pulling out-of-this-world pranks, these dudes have got their Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and blog game down. Scroll on to find 19 Internet celebs you should follow… as soon as you’re finished reading, of course.



1. Louis Cole: Channel your inner spontaneous side and check out Louis Cole, who travels around the world searching for awesome adventures, like that time he went skydiving over an ocean. (@funforlouis)


2. Junan Herdiawan: Follow Junan for crazy ‘grams where it looks like he’s flying. It’s kind of the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. (via @junantoherdiawan)


3. Darrin Wingard: Darrin Wingard drinks a new beer every day, and tells his thoughts about each of them on Instagram. It’s a must-follow if you’re in need of a new brewsky. (via @newbeeraday)


4. T.Kyle: T.Kyle is not only the creator of RealityTVGIFs and super funny on Twitter, but he’s also got an amazing Instagram. He’s got the whole social media thing under control. (via @t.kyle)


5. Ryan Fitzgibbon: Ryan is the founder of the quirky and thoughtful online magazine Hello Mr, and he has a pretty big following over on Instagram too. Follow this bro STAT. (via @ryanfitzgibbon)


6. Jun Kuwabara: Ready for another adventurous dude who chronicles his life via Instagram? Jun Kuwabara wants to cut 1,000 people’s hair and travel the world at the same time. Oh, and don’t think he’s cutting hair in a salon. (via @juuuuuuuun)


7. EJ Samson: In need of some fashion inspo? EJ Samson is the social bro for you. Trust us when we say he has amazing style. (via @ejsamson)


8. Anthony Urbano: Anthony Urbano has serious fashion game, and he’s got the style blog to prove it: Closet Freaks. Check out his latest outfits over on his Instagram. (@oh_anthonio)


9. Andrew Kuttler: Hello, bright colors + designs! Andrew Kuttler’s Instagram theme is both gorgeous and totally enviable. Good work, dude. (via @andrewkuttler)


10. Mike Madrid and Gabriel García: Check out Mike Madrid and Gabriel García, the men behind Cup of Couple, for fashion photography that you won’t be able to resist sharing on your social media accounts. (via @cupofcouple)


11. Lougè Delcy: A style blog that’s literary and full of gorgeous photography? Yep, Lougé Delcy’s blog, Dapper Lou, is completely mesmerizing, and his Instagram account is no different. (via @dapperlou)


12. Kirk and Nate Mueller: You can find this twin duo all across social, but we think you should check out their Insta first. The Brothers Mueller are designers with an online presence that you won’t be able to get enough of. (via @brothersmueller)


13. Mike Platco: Snapchat is becoming more and more popular by the second, and Mike Platco is using it to his advantage. Follow this guy for the best doodles that Snapchat has ever seen, even if it’s just for 10 seconds. (via Snapchat Mplatco)

14. Casey Neistat: This YouTuber-turned-Snapchatter creates funny Snap Stories that make ordinary experiences totally entertaining, like getting a haircut in San Francisco. (via Snapchat CASEYNEISTAT)


15. Joe Sugg: This hilarious YouTuber is a must-follow if you’re looking for a good laugh. The video above shows Joe pranking his roomie by filling his bedroom with balloons. Looks like he won’t be getting a Best Roomie Award anytime soon. (via ThatcherJoe)

16. Jack and Finn: Jack and Finn are the founders of JacksGap. They started as humble YouTubers and have blossomed into world travelers. We want their vacation life, like now. (via JacksGap)



17. Saeed Jones: Who doesn’t love opening their Twitter feed to find humorous tweets in 140 characters or less? We certainly don’t mind, especially if it’s Empire related! (via @theferocity)


18. Justin Livingston: Justin Livingston has a following across all social sites, and we’re not surprised. This NY-based style blogger is one for the books. (via @justinliv)


19. Frank Lowe: This Twitter personality deserves a follow just based on his funny handle and bio, but his hilarious tweets will keep you coming back for more. (via @GayAtHomeDad)

Who is your favorite guy to follow across social? Share your faves in the comments below!