You know how sometimes you’re hanging on the couch in your sweats watching your favorite show, drinking a glass or two of your favorite wine and you think how much better your relaxation would be if you could alternate your sips with ice cream scoops? But then you remember how you forgot to pick up a carton last time you were at the store. Now you don’t have to feel left out of your own party with Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream. Yes, you read that right — wine ice cream. Who would have thought the day would come when you’d be getting carded for picking up a pint?


The Boonville, NY-based dairy farm infuses its ice cream flavors with real wine, making it 5% alcohol per volume. Available in eight flavors — Chocolate Cabernet, Port, Cherry Merlot, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Spice, Riesling, Peach White Zinfandel and Strawberry Sparkling — by the pint, half gallon, five-quart pail or three-gallon tub you’ll soon be stocking a wine ice cream cellar in addition to your bottle cellar.


With distribution throughout the US, you should be able to find a store where you can pick up these frozen desserts. And if there isn’t one at your local grocery market (or liquor store), the wine ice cream can be shipped to your door. Either way you’ll be curled up on the couch and indulging in possibly the greatest dessert of our/Olivia Pope’s time ;)


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