Whenever a red carpet is rolled out, we know we’re in for a stampede of celebrity style A-game, including perfectly coiffed hair. From lush glamour curls to flawless updos, ladies with not a hair out of place usually steal the beauty show (as well as make us long for the next time we can splurge on our own bombshell blowout). But lately our fave stars have been stepping out more and more with undone ‘dos, especially those gals rocking the bob, and it’s made us more enamored with their chopped manes than ever before. These 12 celebs who make messy hair look good will make you want to leave the straightener behind — unless it’s to give yourself a quick crimp! — and fully embrace the make-under.

1. Karlie Kloss: Karlie shows that the only styling tool you should count on is a gusty breeze. Her windswept locks look masterfully messy. (via The New York Times)

2. Ciara: Ciara knows how to work a straight-across chop. With her side slickly tucked behind her ear and the rest left to run wild, it’s hands-down a stunner. (via Bella Sugar)

3. Olivia Munn: Olivia’s version of #wokeuplikethis hair is messy perfection — nothing a little pre-bed product couldn’t help you achieve! (via StyleBistro)

4. Emma Stone: Emma’s tightly tousled bob really brings out her two-tone ombre like a dream. And it’s only further punctuated by her lash-length fringe. (Via Pop Crush)

5. Hilary Duff: Hilary’s messy ‘do gives bedhead a good reputation. Run your fingers through your locks and call it a day! (via Bella Sugar)

6. Kylie Jenner: Kylie proves that when you’ve got this level of color in your hair, you can totally skip the straightener. (via PopSugar)

7. Julianne Hough: Julianne’s tousled hair secret? Forget the straight part! Let your hair fall where it wants to, ’cause #messyhairdontcare. (via StyleBistro)

8. Rashida Jones: Rashida’s long layers and wispy bangs make her ‘do the quintessential cool girl look. (Daily Makeover)

9. Olivia Wilde: Olivia amps up the texture toward the bottom of her sombre locks, and the effect is totally enviable. (via HostHair)

10. Elisabeth Moss: Elizabeth shows just how chic the extreme side part can look, and lucky you, it’s one of the easiest hair hacks you could ever learn: just part and go! (via Bella Sugar)

11. Alexa Chung: Alexa is the poster child for messy bobs, and it’s easy to see why. Coupled with her on-the-pulse fashion sense, she’s an unstoppable style muse. (via Paper Blog)

12. Nicole Richie: Nicole’s hair is all about extremes. It’s purple, for starters, but the celeb either wears it tightly pulled back or like this, in a mess of loose curls. Guess which look we like best? (via E!)

Which celeb do you think wears the messy bob best? Tell us about your celebrity hair envy in the comments below.